"Our sessions have been worth every penny"

Well, what can I say about Caroline? 

She is amazing, thoughtful, caring, insightful – I really could go on. If you’re feeling a little lost... she is THE lady! From the first moment I met her I knew I liked her and she totally got me in an instant. 

Our first session was a real eye opener and she helped me see things that were absolutely staring me in the face but I couldn’t see them at all. And after every session I’ve taken away something a little bit more eye opening, not to mention finding out more about the real me. Our sessions have been worth every penny, her friendship has been invaluable and she has definitely “coached” my life!

PW, Norfolk, January 2020

"Honest and engaging sessions"

Honest and engaging sessions, in the past 2 months Caroline has been instrumental in moving my life forward with a positive momentum.

Feeling lost and reacting to everything - life, to be honest, was overwhelming and quite frustrating at times. With clear and insightful guidance from Caroline I have been able to make changes and act in situations with a calm mind, by taking a look at my actions and questioning them in a way that has not been presented to me before.

If you are looking for professional, but not stuffy, guidance from an open and genuine individual then I highly recommend Caroline for you. The sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and the actions and follow up are always consistent with a clear purpose.

LW, Norwich, September 2019

"My sessions with Caroline have been a real anchor"

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to Caroline and her life coaching. This past year has been a turbulent time for me, with my daughter moving away to university, relationship breakdown and myself moving out of the family home. My sessions with Caroline have been a real anchor in this chapter of my life - I feel our meetings have given me an opportunity to look at the bigger picture and to take stock of where I am in my life.

Caroline's approach to coaching is one of welcoming and gentle support, she has the ability to ask the right questions that lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, without being being too overly personal or intrusive. Her life experience coupled with her calm and understanding nature means she has a natural ability to help others."

CG, Norwich, March 2019

"In the beginning I had no idea where to start"

"Since my sessions with Caroline I am definitely more focussed and have been a lot clearer in what I need to do to add structure to my working life, which will give me more control over my home life. In the beginning I had no idea where to start but Caroline broke down my situation into more manageable chunks and helped me create a plan to enable me to achieve my goal in a realistic time frame. 

I feel more aware of what I need to do now in my role and have been able to put processes in place to get me where I want to be. Through talking openly to Caroline she has helped me to put things into perspective; she is kind and easy to talk to and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

HF, Ludham, May 2018

"It felt good to talk about things"

"By the end of the 3 sessions I felt some clarification in the areas of my life that we had focussed on. It felt good to talk about things and write it all out – kind of like mind mapping. I like to think that I came out of it with more confidence and I now don’t view myself as an underachiever.

I found Caroline to be a compassionate and enthusiastic Coach, she’s a good listener who is warm and easy to open up to. Her coaching room is a calm and peaceful space and sometimes when I'm feeling stressed I imagine myself there to calm myself down and re-focus." 

KS, Sutton, Feb 2019

"Caroline helped me to admit that some elements of my life needed to change"

"Caroline asked for volunteers to help her with her studies and I was more than willing to participate. We met initially in a neutral place so that we could talk freely. I found Caroline very easy to talk to and I was able to talk about things that I have felt but have not really said out loud. Caroline helped me to admit that some elements of my life needed to change. For some time, I have wanted to start my own business but before my sessions, this was an idea rather than a reality. My sessions with Caroline helped me to realise that I should make this more of a reality.

Although we know each other, Caroline was extremely professional and was able to prevent the conversation veering into our personal lives. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline as a life coach and wish her the best for the future."

VG, Horning, Dec 2018