Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching helps people take stock of their current situation while also looking towards the future, usually by specifying a goal or a desired outcome. By using effective communication skills plus tools and techniques a Life Coach helps a person to modify or enhance their internal processes thus enabling personal change. This leads to motivation, action and ultimately to the client's goals being met.

Why do people come to a Life Coach?

People come to coaching for a variety of reasons but not necessarily because they have a problem. It may be that they want to improve their performance in a particular area, or they may need help narrowing down some options or making an important decision. Increasingly people are turning to life coaches to help gain a sense of clarity, organisation and purpose. It can also be about developing a greater awareness of self. A life coach will help an individual find the answers that are right for them. 

What can I expect from a session?

First and foremost you can expect to be heard with compassion and understanding. My coaching room provides a safe and calm space for you to explore your current situation, your strengths and values, where you're going and who you want to be. Together we can create an actionable plan to help you achieve your goals. My sessions will leave you feeling inspired, supported and motivated.

How often?

Most clients seem to prefer having coaching once a fortnight but you might prefer to have sessions weekly or more spread out - it's entirely up to you.

What can I expect from my free consultation?

This is a chance for us to get to know each other a little and for me to get an idea of what you're hoping to achieve through our sessions. Ideally I like to meet in person often at a local cafe or informal meeting space but am also happy to chat on the phone or via FaceTime.

How does Life Coaching differ from Counselling?

Both are 'helping roles' with a focus on giving the client space and time to discuss concerns and find ways to deal with them. However, Life Coaching is more focused on solutions with an emphasis on the present and future, while Counselling tends to explore past experiences and related problems. Both can identify possible negative behaviour or thought patterns which may be holding the person back.

How does a Life Coach differ to a Mentor?

A mentor is usually an expert in a particular field whereas a life coach covers a broad range of subjects and will never push advice upon you. Instead, by asking a series of exploratory questions, the answers that are unique to you are revealed and a strategy can then be created and implemented.

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